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Arrow education centre has helped my children in their academic success into grammar schools and has improved their awareness of the reasons to aspire to be a success in life and also nurturing them in the ways of life on which path to go. 👍👍👍👍 Will recommend AEC Ona


In 2017, our daughter joined Arrow Education Centre to prepare for her 11+ exam. We couldn't be happier when she passed. In 2018, we sent our son there again for the same 11+, the story was the same as he passed too. Now our third child is there preparing for his 11+ too. If you are ready for advanced learning then this is the place to send your children because the standards at which the teachers hold the students to are very high. As parents, we can't say enough thank you. Now our children are doing excellently well in their schools bringing home good results. Thank you Arrow Education Centre and keep up the good works.


My name is Sophia and I have been a student at Arrow for 4 years. Part of this time was spent preparing for the 11 plus and private school exams which I excelled in. I now attend a private school - Withington Girls' School. I am now in year 8 working towards GCSES and being at Arrow definitely helps.


Arrow education centre is a wonderful centre with a high level of support and assistance. We brought our daughters from Spain in September 2018 and we were looking for a dedicated and supportive centre to help them integrate and catch up with the educational system of the UK. With no doubt, the Arrow education centre has been the best choice, as my daughter did exceptionally well in her GCSE within 6 months of arriving in the UK. Also, my second daughter performed excellently in her mock exam with grade 8s and 9s in all her subjects. We cannot thank the staff enough for the wonderful experience they have provided for our daughters.


I started lessons at the Arrow education centre when it was still a one on one lesson almost 10 years ago He taught me mainly maths and sciences ( Biology, Chemistry, and Physics). I was selected to do my GCSE early and thanks to the help


As an ex-student of Arrow Education Centre I can definitely say the classes helped me during my GCSE exams, additionally working in a friendly and safe environment helped, as both teachers and students were patient and understanding. I then went on to become one of the teachers there and due to my experience as a student, I was able to properly teach the new students and can say that the students understood why they were there which made teaching them more efficient.


My daughter who is now in year 12 in college attended Arrow Education centre since she was in year 9, the level of the intensive lesson she received at the centre helped her achieved great GCSE results and this propelled her to even greater heights in college.

Mrs. Osindero

I have known the Arrow education centre for more than 7 years. The centre has been a strong pivotal in my 2 children's entrance to Grammar school. The head of the centre is a well-rounded man, who always goes extra miles in supporting the children both academically and morally. The caliber of teachers/ tutors they have are highly professional and down to earth always read to give their 100% support. I highly recommend them!


We started using Arrow Supplement since 2016 when my daughter wrote the grammar school exams. We did the same thing with my son. My daughter still attends a private session with him on Thursdays.

Mrs O

I really enjoyed Saturday lesson and one to one, Pastor Dare has been teaching me since I was in year 3 and has had a huge impact on my education ever since. The private lessons I have always had helped me be ahead of my class in primary/secondary school. In the Arrow education centre all the teachers are very welcoming and it makes you feel like you’re in your own class in school. I achieved, an 5a,6c, and 5b in my sats. In my GCSEs I achieved 1A*, 2As, 3Bs, and 2Cs and I would have to thank arrow supplementary school for all the tests and work they gave me to work on at home. I would highly recommend to family and friends. BJ


Arrow Education Centre is an ideal preparatory centre for students looking to write the Year 6 admission exams into highly rated secondary schools. The outstanding yearly success rate of students reflects highly on the quality and dedication of the tutors, and the uncompromising drive to help students and parents achieve their goals. Our child attended Arrow Education Centre preparatory classes for Grammar schools and thankfully scored well above the cut-off mark to secure admission into her school of choice. I recommend the tutelage of AEC to anyone looking to write such exams. Mr. KB

Mr. KB

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